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MAIA Gaia L and T dwarfs Osiris/GTC 2015A target list
ERC-CoG proposal Gaia, brown dwarfs and cool neighbours: an M-, L- and T-dwarf Archive of Interest for Astrophysics
Further reading Gaia and the unseen. The brown dwarf question (March 2014, Torino) Gaia and brown dwarfs from Spain (Caballero 2015, MmSAI, 85, 757) Outlier benchmark brown dwarfs with Gaia primaries (2015 96A, SofI) L dwarf benchmarks with Gaia (2015, ITP) A spectroscopic census of northern Gaia ultracool dwarfs (2015A, Osiris/GTC) Stars, brown dwarfs and planets: exploiting the Gaia L qwarf sample (2015, PhD Torino) Red and brown dwarfs in the ultraviolet (J. A. Caballero's talk at spanishuvastronomy.